We are a group of strong, capable, confident women united around the inspiration and belief that we can make a difference for ourselves and other women across our state. We see the possibility that often lies hidden in plain sight, obscured by our to-do list and the stories that our voices, our efforts can’t or won’t effect change. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences that inform and strengthen our resolve. We are Oklahoma women and we know that by creating opportunities to learn, connect and take action we can challenge the status quo. We can empower women to get involved and improve the experience of everyone living and working in this state.


Women Lead is an action-oriented, collaborative, inclusive organization that acknowledges unique and diverse experiences of all in women in Oklahoma. We’re providing Oklahoma women with education, resources, and networking that inspires them to take action in their communities. We know that Oklahoma women are already leaders – in business, education, in classrooms, in agriculture, in medicine, everywhere you look – but we often feel isolated. Our programs empower women to lead more effectively in all these arenas, first and foremost by connecting them through a support network. Our trainings then provide them with the tools to affect real and lasting change.


Let’s be honest – the statistics about the status of women in Oklahoma are not great. But they also don’t tell the whole story. The women of Oklahoma are vibrant, resilient, and strong. From the women of the dust bowl who faced unimaginable odds to the indigenous women who fight to protect their cultures to the women at the forefront of the modern urban revitalization, there’s no doubt about it – Oklahoma women have been and always will be leaders. One of our board members recently said, “Show me what you can do, not what you can’t.” It’s time to show everyone what we can do. We know it’s a cliche but if not now, when?