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“Freeing Your Authentic Voice” - Featuring voice coach Rena Cook, this workshop focuses on helping women speak authentically and with authority.

“Golf, Networking, & Etiquette” - This workshop helps women and others find their place in one of the last remaining “boys club” strongholds - the golf clubhouse. This workshop is a day long program, where you will learn not just how to play golf (or improve your game) but also how to incorporate business and golf.

“You’re Worth It” - Want a raise but too afraid to ask for one? This workshop focuses on how to negotiate a reasonable salary for yourself whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at the same job for years.

“Women in Media” - Presented by a sociologist, this workshop addresses how women are portrayed in the media and is a collaborative space for solutions to overcome negative representations.

“End Girl Hate” - Again and again in our lives, women are forced into competition with one another. Starting with the “Queen Bee” phenomenon found in middle and high schools, bullying and negative stereotypes are internalized by women, causing decreases in self-esteem and self-worth. This workshop focuses on finding and fighting back against those sources of “girl hate.”

“Talking Back: How to Respond to Everyday Sexism” - Everyday sexism is the worst. Sometimes, even the most causal, well-intended comments from a friend, co-worker, or family member can make you uncomfortable. This workshop helps you learn how to respond to everyday sexism in a way that shuts down the negative action while still educating the person you are dealing with.

“Building Bridges: Feminism, Womanism, and Intersectionality” - This workshop is focused on defining and claiming the conversations around feminism. Intersectionality is the idea that women have varied, multidimensional experiences that influence their idea of “womanness.” Frequently, work that seeks to empower women can forget women who exist at the margins. This workshop is focused on ensuring that leadership spaces are inclusive as well as empowering.

“Allyship and Empowerment: Bringing Everyone to the Table” - A collaborative action-oriented space means that everyone needs to be able to work together. This workshop is designed to help facilitate conversations that emphasize gender allyship and how all genders can be involved in the work of empowering women.

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